I've been considering working from home as a customer service rep for companies like Uhaul, Sykes at Home, etc... But our place is never quiet enough for me to work from home. So that isn't going to work. My goal for going back to work is to pay off debt (credit cards, personal loans, and student loans) and start saving to pay for a new family vehicle outright. No need to pay extra for a car that's going to depreciate the moment you leave the lot. Plus cash talks! The sooner the seller gets their money, the happier they are, the better deal you're going to get!

Going back to work for someone else, will be a problem because my husband's schedule always varies. Plus, I'd probably have to pay for childcare at some point... so that's really not going to be feasible for our family. So I have to find some way to work from home, that will allow me to make a pretty steady monthly income. I only need to make about $800 a month to cover all of our credit card payments, my student loans, and our personal loan payment. So I have to see what I can put together in the next few weeks and then go from there. I'm going to try and start getting some extra income before the kids go back to school. School supplies are freakin' expensive for 3 kids (ugh, I'm not looking forward to all 5 kids being in school/college at the same time).

I know I've got a lot going on... taking care of my 5 kids, maintaining 4 websites/blogs, trying to maintain 4 YouTube Channels, several twitter & instagram accounts, etc. One day all this will pay off in a big way, it will be worth all the stress, hard work, and dedication to getting our financials straight before buying another family vehicle and our first home (together).

In the near future, I'll hope to share with other photographers my Etsy page so they can purchase actions/presets, blog post templates, etc. Of course, they will be affordable for all photographers (beginners, intermediate, and advanced) or bloggers.

Hopefully, I can make this work out in a way that helps me pay off the bills we have, so we can get one step close to achieving our goals.

Well as soon as I have things listed on my Etsy store, I'll be posting the link on here and on my tumblr account. I'll also be making videos on how to use my items on my YouTube Channel and then post them on my facebook page as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.

-Tori D.



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