Long Time...

It has been several months since I last posted.

I've felt very unmotivated over the last few months. I used to use photography as an outlet when things weren't always good in my life. Now I use it to capture the joyful occasions with my children, family, friends.

I need some inspiration these days. I've become kind of secluded since we moved and I'm just not really happy here in Utah. While I enjoy being here with my best friend... Utah will never be home for us.

I think Tori Delancey Photography is going to be a website that only teaches or talks about photography. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pursue a photography business once we move back to the East Coast, only because the market is saturated with photographers. There are just too many cheap photographers for me to compete with.

I was hoping to come home for Easter Break, but since we've got plans to move back to the East Coast before the end of summer, we have to save money so we can rent a place to live until my husband gets his first house sold. We'll have a lot of busy weekends of DIY repairs, in order to get the house up for sale as a residential property (instead of a commercial property). It comes off the market in August (that will mark 1 year for it being listed as a commercial property), so we can restore and repair things on the house.

We're going to be finishing the attic (making it into a walk-in closet & laundry room on one side and then making an office on the other side). We're making the upstairs bathroom into a wetroom (aka no tub, just making the whole bathroom a tiled shower with a toilet and pedestal sink).
The whole house is getting rewired and having all the plumbing redone. Then we have to get the three fireplaces looked at to see if they are useable. Once all that is done, we can refinish the kitchen and do some cosmetic work to the rest of the house... carpet, windows, paint, doors, etc.

I want to do videos of the renovations and also keep a before, during and after photo album of the house. I'll probably end up posting them on here once we've completed the renovations for each room. We already know this renovation is going to be long and stressful. It may take us 2 years to complete the whole house. I really want to start in the attic and work our way down, that way we're not affecting anyone in the house.

We also know this is going to be a very expensive process, which is why we're doing it ourselves.
I'm looking forward to refinishing the natural hardwood floors on the lower level of the house (living room and hallway).

At least when we go to sell it, we'll be able to be proud of all the work done to the house.

Well once I get back to the East Coast, we'll see how the process goes for the house, if we haven't sold it yet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

-Tori D.



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