Putting Pen to Paper.

Today, I'm setting aside some time to write. I really need to focus and work on things for my photography business. I've been slacking because of the holiday season and spending time with my children. But I'm going to make a full comeback to photography in 2015 (at least that's my goal). My "maternity leave" has been extended for longer than I expected. I need to get back out there and get something going for myself and for my business.

I've been working on my personal YouTube Channel, but I've also got to get something going for the photography side of my life.

So this weekend I'm working on an e-book for teaching beauty bloggers what equipment they need to get professional photos on a budget and how to use that equipment properly. 

I've still got to finish up the other two to three books that I have in the works. 
I'm going to pay someone to edit my books, have covers (e-book and printable) made, and all that jazz. So I can spend more time with my little ones, but still make some extra income. At this point, anything is better than nothing. Plus having e-books are a way to earn a passive income. 
I just have to put it all together. 
Oh how I wish there were more time in a day to really get things done. 24 hours, just isn't enough time.

Thankfully, I have a free session lined up this weekend to use for the photos in my book(s).
It's going to be cold, but well worth it to have someone other than my husband or children to "model" for me. 

But I have to take it one step at a time. I let my daydreaming get in the way of me actually finishing things these days.
But I must complete these books.

I'm off to locate a notebook (paper) and a pen with a pretty color ink... Those always make me happy!

-Tori D.



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