Have you ever wanted to write for a living?
Well I have!

When I was younger I wanted to be a writer.
But with horrible grammar, I never took the plunge.

So I'm still in the process of working on my 1st e-book.

But I also have the idea for several other e-books.

My goal is to make these available for instant download via one of my websites (securing domain name now), make them available for kindle users, among other online self-publishing platforms.

I have three days to finish my 1st e-book and put it online.
Once I've put it online, I'll be working on at least three other books over the course of the next month.

I also plan on doing video tutorials for photoshop in the next few months to be uploaded to YouTube!

While my kids are young, I want to be able to spend as much time with them and enjoy them. So I need to find a way to earn income from home, while still doing what I love. I love teaching photography. I love helping others grow their photography business. So e-books, tutorials, actions/presets, overlays, etc it is for now.

Well nap time is over for my little one.

Have a wonderful day!

Tori D.

P.s. Look out for a link in the next few days to purchase my 1st e-book!



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