Using Storyboards for Blogging/Pintrest/Social Media Sites

So you keep seeing all these "storyboards" being used online.

Ones that look like ...

I just threw this together quickly, so my writing might be a little off-centered.
So why do people use these storyboards?
It's so people can showcase a specific type or day of photos easily.
It allows your clients/viewers/readers/friends/family/etc., to easily view a bunch of photos at once.
By showcasing your work with a storyboard, you can give your prospective clients a "sneak peek" at some of your best images without them having to go through all your photos/albums on Facebook.

Using Storyboards on Pintrest!
Well the same reasoning applies as above. You want to simplify things for your readers.
They want to see a before, during, and after image of a furniture makeover (if that's your thing), or multiple images for posing ideas (if you're a photographer), and so much more.

We're in a day and age that everyone wants things "RIGHT NOW"! We're so focused on not wasting time, not wasting energy, and not wasting money. We want to do things for ourselves, we want to save money, we want the instant gratification, and the satisfaction that we did it ourselves.

So use storyboards to your advantage.
Create mini marketing images for social media.

-Tori D.



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