Importance of Blogging for Photographers

Blogging for Photographers

The whole purpose of blogging for photographers is to get your name and images out there.
The more people that see your work, the more business you'll get.
The more business you get, the more you are able to make. 

Blogging in the beginning might not give you a whole lot of return or get you any new clients. But if you continue to blog (and learn about SEO optimization) you will be able to rank within the first page or two of Google. 
Which will increase your chances of being seen by potential clients.
You need to make sure that you also put your location (City & State) in your meta data to help people find you and help you rank on the first few pages of Google for your area. You also need to put at least 1 line of text telling Google who you are and what you do, so it can help rank you. This will also allow people to find you by searching for specific things.

Example of someone's search:
Ogden, UT Child Portrait Photographer

Your Meta data should say something like this...
Child Portrait Photographer located in Ogden, UT  specializing in Natural Lighting and On-location sessions. (remember this is just an example)

Blogging will also help people see your personality, your style of posing, shooting, and editing. These are all very important things for your future or repeat clients to see.
Remember to remain consistent with your blogging efforts. Because this will help keep you relevant in Google's searches.

Also remember to use Adsense to your advantage. You can earn money just from potential clients clicking on your Adsense ads. You can also use Amazon's Affiliate Program
to help supplement some income. All you have to do is post things (by way of your affiliate links) that are relevant to your blog/business that your clients could purchase for a photo session or for hanging their portraits on their walls. Or maybe you cater to teaching others how to use their cameras, then link your favorite camera gear. You'll be talking about something you like and making money from your affiliate links.

*None of the links listed in this specific blog post are affiliate links!*
Well I'm off to get some more work done.
I have to schedule a few posts for the next week or two, if I have time before the little ones wake up from their naps!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Tori D.



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