Renting Lenses!

Some people are unaware that they can rent lenses for their DSLR.
This is a great option that allows you to try a lens or another accessory before buying it yourself.
Or you can just rent a lens if you only need it for a specific time frame (i.e. your shooting a wedding, newborn photos, etc).

I've rented a lens and a camera from

lens rental
The customer service was great. Prices were great. Equipment arrive fast, secured in it's box, and undamaged! 

Renting lenses is a great alternative to not spending hundreds or thousands on a lens, just to find out you don't like the lens. 

If you are new to DSLR cameras, try renting a lens or two to see which ones you like best (Macro, Prime, Zoom) and then make your decision on which ones to purchase when you have the finances to do so. 

There are a few other rental services, but I have never rented from them. 
But here is a short list of other places to rent lenses and camera gear.

If you have any questions on renting a lens, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Tori D.



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