Finding Inspiration in other Photographers

Have you run out of ideas lately?
Feeling like you've lost your creativity? 

Well there is no shame in finding inspiration in other photographers that you admire.
Now, I'm not saying that you should copy their exact image ideas. But you can find things that you like about their image and tweak it to fit your style and make it all your own.

For example: You're a newborn photographer, but can't come up with a new pose or you're trying to find some new prop ideas.
So you hit the internet in search of new ideas.
In your travels on the internet, you come across this cute rustic baby bed prop. Well maybe you don't want the rustic baby bed, but you want a more polished and sophisticated baby bed. So you set off on this hunt to find the right baby bed prop (well first place I would look is ETSY).

There is no problem in doing something like another photographer, but there is a big problem with trying to use every single little detail of the image to recreate your own images. 

Who are some of my favorite photographers to draw inspiration from?

If you have any questions regarding Finding Inspiration in other Photographers, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading!
Tori D.



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