Composition/ Rule of Thirds

Using these composition tips and the "Rule of Thirds" can help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing image! 

First lets start with the Rule of Thirds! 

The rule of thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines, most DSLR cameras have the ability to have the grid lines on your screen so you don't have to mentally visualize them. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.

 Next lets talk about your background.

Make sure your background isn't overly cluttered/distracting. 
Make sure the important elements of your scene don't have something running through their head/body/arms/legs/etc (i.e. branch, pole, wires, etc).
If you don't want a shadow on your background (wall, backdrops, etc) move your subject away from the background until you can no longer see the shadow in your viewfinder.

Tilts/Horizon lines

When taking images of things with lines or a pattern in them, it's best to use them as a guide. Try not to tilt the camera to one side or the other because the horizon line/lines will be uneven in your image. 
That normally bothers a lot of people. While it is possible to fix in post processing, it's just easier to get it right while shooting the image.

Filling your frame with your subject!

Now most people have different feelings about this... I personally love to get close ups of my children. I like to see their faces in a photo. So I fill the majority of my viewfinder with their face (making sure not to cut things off if possible). Some people like to get the whole person in the image, which is fine. But you will see less detail of the person's face/expression.

These are guidelines, not actual rules. These are suggestions to help take your image to the next level.
There are no specific rules in photography!

With that said... I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Tori D.



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