Photographing Life: Being in the picture

Do you struggle to be in the pictures of your everyday life?
I know I do. Now that I'm really pregnant, I don't want pictures taken of me. So it looks like I'm not a part of my kids lives. All because I'm behind the camera and don't want to remember myself as a "fat" pregnant woman.

Well it's time I put the camera on a tripod or on a hard surface, use my wireless remote, and be apart of the pictures for the sake of my kids.

I want them to have fond memories to look back on and not just remember me behind the camera. I want them to remember me in the pictures with them.
So I'm challenging myself (starting now) to be in the pictures, regardless of how I feel about my weight, or my appearance at the time. No need for makeup, just be yourself.

Now this might seem a little hard to do, because you want the image to have proper focus. 
It will take sometime to figure out exactly where to focus your camera and how to get all of you in focus (this is where knowing how to use the F stop to your advantage comes in to play). Just have fun, show your little ones that you know how to have fun and that you don't need to be behind the camera barking orders at them all the time. Once they realize that taking photos isn't a chore, that it really is fun, they'll be asking for you to take photos of them.

Both of my girls (Princess & Tater Tot) love to have their photos taken (they beg for me to take out the camera and let them get dressed up). But I really need to start being in the photos with them. Sounds like after little Miss D. is born we're going to have to have a Tea Party shoot for my little Tater Tot and I. Just the two of us. Looks like I need to get some "fancy" hats and some nice feather boas, as well as a nice little play tea set for some props. 

I just wish I could show the whole world how precious my little ones are, but with the fact that people keep stealing my images and posting them on other social media sites.. I can't post any images of my older three kids. :-( 

At least I'll be able to keep those images for my own personal record & for theirs when they are older.

Well... Now is the time to start being in the photo with your little ones. 
If you want to know how to do all this just shoot me an email and I'll be more than happy to discuss setting up a Skype Mentor Session on how to use your DSLR in Manual (pricing will be dependent upon how long you will need to be mentored). 

Well have a wonderful day!

Tori D.



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