Photographing Life: Ways to capture the most important moments in your life!

Life happens all around us all the time.
If we're prepared properly for whatever is happening, we can capture that moment forever.
We'll be able to create a beautiful timeless image.

So what does it take to capture a moment in time?
Read below to find out! 

Any camera (it doesn't have to be a DSLR) with the ability to change your settings (Manual, Av, Tv, P, etc).
Note: You will need to read up on how to use these settings in order to get the best picture possible.
If you're photographing children or a moving subject, never let your shutter speed be less than 1/125th of a second.
LOTS of light (try to use Natural lighting from windows and doors if inside, try to use shade if you're shooting outside in the middle of the day). Try to avoid using Flash.
Use a striking composition. Use the Rule of Thirds.

Just keep shooting! Try different angles and positions. Don't just stay in one place!

Try to capture children doing whatever they're doing (don't ask them to look at the camera).
Take photos of the little details (hands, toes, smile, hair, etc).

Even if your technical settings aren't perfect, you've got grain because you had to up your ISO, or whatever... The moment that inspired you to capture that image will be "perfect"! 
Well I'm off to do some chores around the house now that my three older kids are in school.
Have a great day!

Tori D.



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