Review Series!

Since I've taken time off from shooting regularly due to pregnancy and the holidays that are coming up I've decided to do a Review Series! 
I'm working with several companies to review their product(s), as well as products I already have in my collection. 

I'm also going to put together a list of all the things that a photographer or a newbie photographer might like for Christmas (could also use this list for Birthday or Anniversary ideas as well) in the next week.

I hope to do one Review for my series per week until the week before Christmas.

If you'd be interested in seeing a review on something specific please leave a comment below. 
I'll be more than happy to see if I can make it happen.

I'd also like to do a post on how to take great Christmas photos of your children or your Christmas tree.
So look out for those posts... the Christmas tree post won't be able to happen until the middle of December, since we get a real Christmas tree. 

Well I'm off to start the list of Gift Ideas!

Have a great day!

Tori D.



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