Expecting & Expectations

In the beginning of August, our family found out that we're expecting baby #5.

Since finding out the surprising news... I've had to take a step back from things.
I wasn't expecting this kind of news. But we're very happy.
I'm right around 12 weeks, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

I can't promise that things will get back to "normal" on my blog for a few more weeks.
My hubby's step sister got married to one of the hubby's Marines two weeks ago... So we're helping them out. The step-sister and her little girl are going to come stay at our house until they get their housing situated. So we're going to have three more people in the house for a little bit. At least I'll have someone around most of the time. 

I personally have high expectations for this blog. But I'm feeling under the weather at the moment because of my morning sickness. 

I'm also thinking about taking on another blog that will showcase some food photography.
I love to bake... My hubby's co-workers love to eat what I bake. 
So I want to do a blog about cupcakes with pictures and recipes, etc.
Hopefully I'll be able to swing things once I decide what I'm going to do.

I haven't forgotten about renting lenses, but I've been unable to do photography the last few weeks. 
I'm going to see if I can get my hands on some lenses for some holiday portraits for Christmas Cards.
But I can't promise. 
We've had some unexpected things come up besides the pregnancy.
Our youngest daughter, Tater Tot had to get glasses.
One pair at her eye doctors was a grand total of $95 plus tax.
So I've gotta get her at least one more pair, but I'm thinking I might just go somewhere else and get two pairs for $xx.xx. That way we have a few backups. 
So of course my little ones needs came before my "splurging" on renting two lenses.

Well expect to see some things in the next few weeks, even possibly a new blog link for my cupcake baking. 

I can review the lenses I already have. So I'll do that as soon as we re-arrange our computer. It's leaving the spare bedroom to come back to our bedroom. 
That won't be until at least this weekend, or during next week.

So come back in a few days.

Tori D.



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