Photography/Photographer Resources

So I promised my Facebook fans a list of all my favorite photography/photographer resources.
So here it is...

Photoshop Actions

Favorite Photographers Facbeook Pages & Blogs/Website
 Rachel Brenke (Blog/website)
Stacie Jensen (ColorVale Photoshop actions owner)

I can personally recommend two of Rachel Brenke's Workshops.
Photog Bootcamp!
Stepping It Up!
you can find her Webcourses... Here!

Marketing Materials

Rachel Brenke is the one I go to for my photography contracts.
She has several other contracts available on her site, just make sure you get the proper contracts for your needs. 

Photography Gear
Borrowlenses (a place to rent gear, but has used gear for sale)

If you are looking to start a business with photography... here are some resources you will need to explore.

You need a business license for your state. 
Head on over to google and type in your state abbreviation and then the words Business License.
So my google search will be 'VA Business License'.
This is what my results looked like below.

Next you will need an EIN from the IRS. You can apply for that online... HERE!

Another thing you need as a photographer before you do ANY kind of sessions. It is BEST to have Business insurance Liability (in case your client(s) get injured & insurance for your gear (in case it gets damaged).

If you have any questions please email me...

As I find new resources I will update this list accordingly. 

Thanks for reading!
Tori D.



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