30 day photo challenge & headshots

This Saturday while we're headed to a party I'm going to start a 30 day photo challenge.

My only problem with doing a 30 day photo challenge is I'm concerned that I'm not going to complete it.

I do the same things Monday thru Friday. I'm at home with my kids all day handling mommy things. 
So I need to make it a point to go out in the evening to find something to photograph.

I've gotta find the perfect 30 day challenge or make one myself.
But as soon as I figure it out I'll post it (once I get to my computer).

I also need to do new headshots for myself.

So I've been watching a bunch of videos from Jared Polin

I'm going to give my own headshots a try, then if that doesn't work I'll have the hubby do them for me.

So look forward to the 30 day challenge & headshots in the very near future.

Well I hope you have great day.

Tori D.



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