Officially jumping in...

I posted on my personal facebook page that I'm going to be making some changes soon.
Well once I get home from this trip up the East Coast things will be changing.

The first thing is I have a mentor session with another photographer in May (my birthday present from my husband). 
We're discussing all things business.

My parents are paying for me to get my Virginia Business License, as a birthday gift. 
My dad has been pushing me to take photography more seriously. It's not that I haven't been. 
But I have been trying to perfect my craft before I take the next step. 

I want to give my future clients the best I can give them right off the bat. 
No cruddy images will be given to my clients.
I expect myself to give 100% all the time and to give nothing less than the best to my clients.

I'm not a photographer to become famous or to become rich. 
I am a photographer because it is in my blood. It is who I am.

I will not fail at photography. 
I know my 1st few years may be very hard when it comes to earning a living. 
BUT I will not let that stop me.

So in July or August, I think I will be ready to official open my business.
This past year has been portfolio building, although I'm still working on my portfolio.
 I know I am ready to take a leap of faith.

I believe that the quality of my images compared to those faux-tographers/momtographers around me will shine. Giving me the upper-hand.
I'm not going to price myself to compete with other local photographers. 
I'm going to price my work for what it is truly worth.

I can't wait to do what I was meant to do.
No more running 3 side businesses after I start my photography business.
I'm dedicating my energy to just one business and my family, unless I can "automate" the others.

Well I'm off to work on a few things around the house while I can!
Have a great day!
Tori D.



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