First impressions of Canon 5D Mark III

So yesterday I got my new camera!
Yes, the Canon 5D Mark III.

Right now Amazon is selling them for $3,488.99 (Amazon doesn't charge tax in certain states), just click the image above to purchase this awesome camera. Two day shipping is really affordable, so you can have it in your hands quickly.

My 1st impression was ... oh my what did I get myself into?
No seriously!

Its set up extremely different than my Canon T1i.
But once I started playing with the controls I am starting to see why everyone loves this camera.
I must say that this baby is going to serve me well.
The images are so crisp and will look even better when I upload them to Photoshop!

I am in love with my 24-105mm f/4L lens! This is an amazing lens, that you can purchase with the camera for the above price of $3,488.99!
The bokeh is so beautiful. The clarity is... Breathtaking!

My images no matter how boring they might be have this new found beauty to them with this lens.
I'm thinking about attaching this lens to my T1i body later to see the difference in my cameras quality.
I may have to purchase some more L lenses, if they can greatly improve my T1i's images.

I have never been this excited about a camera.
But this camera is nothing short of amazing.
If you know how to use Manual settings than this camera is a great investment.

I can't even begin to explain all the functions of this camera, because there are so many of them.
But I will post some images later, once I get to my computer. I'm currently blogging from my iPad.
I think this week I will be posting some side by sides of some images with my Mark III & my T1i with the same lens and settings and same lighting conditions.

It may give someone the push to invest in a better camera, if they truly can see the difference in the image quality.

Starting next month, I will be posting weekly topics regarding my new camera.
Anyone have any questions about the Mark III or the T1i?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend?
Tori D.



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