Baby B!

So the other day I did a shoot for my husband's co-worker's new baby!

If anyone knows me I love babies!
They just make me smile from ear to ear.
Having 4 kids of my own gets hectic so I enjoy the quiet newborn babies when they're around.

Here is my favorite shot!

I just love how the light hits mom & baby B! 
So sweet! 
It was so much fun just taking these photos.
He was the cutest little thing!

I hope to take photos of him every few months (3, 6, 9, 1 year). 
We'll see as time goes on.
Can't wait to do some more lifestyle newborn shoots. 
I'm not really one for posed newborn photos anymore. I'd rather have photos of the parents interacting with their new baby. It gives the images way more meaning, in my opinion. 
I still do posed newborn photos at the parents request, but I don't really care for them.
Well I'm off to spend Spring Break with my babies!
Can't wait to pull out my camera this weekend.

Have a wonderful Easter!
Tori D.



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