Switching to my domain name

So a few months back I purchased a domain name and I'm finally going to use it on blogger.
I have to switch a few things in order to do it, so it will be a few days.
But the links on here will still automatically direct you to my new domain.

I'm beyond excited.

As much as I want to make photography my "career" in life.. I'd rather it just stay a hobby.
I don't want to ever get sick of taking photos or have it ever feel like a chore to photography my friends, family, and other awesome things.

My husband and one of his marines want to start a photography prop store online.
Because I was talking about how much people spend on props.
They're working on some props for me on the weekends.
So I can display their work in some photos for their store.

Once we start it up officially I'll place a link in my blog with some photos of their work.

Well I just wanted to give you all a heads up. Just in case something changed in the near future on my site.

Well it's time to go take care of my little loves.

Have a great day!
Tori D.



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