Camera bag...

I'm sick of my generic camera bag, but don't want to spend $100+ on a Cheeky Lime bag. 
So instead I took to google and looked up camera bag inserts.

So I'm doing a DIY project for a camera bag insert.
I picked up a really nice Croft & Barrow bag at Kohl's for under $25 and the supplies for the insert totaled $15! 
So for $40 I'll have my own custom camera bag that looks like a purse.
Right now I'm waiting for my older three and my hubby to get home from a birthday party and for the little one to wake up before I pull out the sewing machine and make this bag insert.
Once I get it finished I'll post photos.
I might take photos of the process if things are calm while I'm working on my bag.

I can't wait to carry that around with me instead of my old camera bag and my messenger bag. I'd rather just carry one bag with me. 

Depending upon how well this goes I may sell a few on etsy (minus the actual purse of course).

Well I'd better go get all my supplies together for my project. 
Have a great evening everyone.

Look for my photo update within the next few days hopefully.

Tori D.



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