2012 is almost over

In 2012 I spent hundreds of my husband's hard earned money on photography equipment, workshops, and an certificate in photography.

In 2012 I photographed an engagement session & a wedding.
And because of those two sessions... I have several people looking for engagement and wedding photos for 2013.

So  starting January 2013 I'm going to work with another photographer. I like the idea of having a personal mentor. I get to learn hands on from a professional photographer, who also teaches at a photography school in D.C., so that's something I'm looking forward to in January.

I'm extremely excited that my husband supports my hobby and my interests. I couldn't be more blessed.

Well I hope everyone had a great 2012, I know my 2012 was awesome.
Here's to hoping 2013 will be even better than 2012!

Have a wonderful new years eve tomorrow.
I'll be spending it at home with my children and my husband.

Tori D.



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