Setting up...

So I'm still working on getting myself together to take portraits in my house. 
I'm not doing it for business, just for my kids. 
I don't want random people in my home because of my kids & dog.
So I'm doing this just for fun.
I'm looking forward to finding some awesome backdrop ideas on pintrest. 
I'm looking forward to using my gels on my black backdrop.
Now only if I could find a cheap fabric bean bag chair, to use for my littlest love.
I'm going to buy a stool for my older kids to sit on, I've seen one at target that I'd like. So I'll be getting one soon.

I'm going to be doing a Christmas themed photo of my kids soon.
I just need to get them some Christmas themed pjs.
And possibly a small (4ft) artificial Christmas tree.

I am really looking forward to this Christmas photos this year.

Hopefully I'll be able to post them.



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