Excited.. My hubby is awesome.

I know this title doesn't seem photography related but I swear it ties in... Just keep reading.

My hubby is a generator mechanic for the Marines... But they already have several here on our base so he was put into a different job. He does grounds and maintenance ... Well recently he and his marines have been cutting down trees.
He has some pieces of pine tree in the bed of his truck.. Well he put some in the woods behind our house and this morning I saw them and got so excited.
You're probably wondering why... Well I'll tell you.

I'm going to use the "logs" as photography props.
I'm going to get my kids to sit on them for photos!

My hubby has no idea just how awesome he really is at times, without even trying.
I'm going to make him get at least 2 out of the "woods" that he put there last night.. Because I want to take photos with them this week. 

I've had some other awesome photo ideas for Christmas cards, so I'll be working on those in the next week or two! So we can have them mailed out before Christmas.

Well I must go, my littlest helper is wanting to eat.
Have a great holiday!
Tori D.



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