Sorry I've been MIA again lately.
Having a soon to be 4 month old and a 3 year old at home doesnt give me a lot of time to edit photos.
Plus I've been working out to get ready for the ball.
I'm happy with the results I've been getting so far.
But I need to step it up a little more. That way I'm guaranteed to get the results I want.
My gym buddy and I are going to go dress shopping very soon.
We have to find dresses before its too late.
This year I'm really looking forward to buying a really awesome dress.
I'm also thinking about putting some "combat" boots under my dress.
I would have done that for mine and the Sgt's wedding but his boots are too big for me.

I might actually have to do some photos with them and my dress.
If my dress will fit once I lose all my excess weight.
I don't want it to be falling down, which I have a feeling it might.

Well I'm going to try and post photos from my friends wedding soon.

I've already got three weddings booked in 2013. :)
So happy with everything.

Well I've gotta go take care of my kiddies.
Have a great day.
Tori D.



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