It's been a while..

I've been slacking big time on blogging. This pregnancy has been a challenge as time goes on. But it's almost over and I'll have a newborn to photograph. Yay! I've also found a photography mentor and I start my mentoring/classes with her on July 1st. I'm totally excited about it. Now that I've got my photography classes done I can focus on improving composition and how I utilize my manual settings on my camera. I've had some ideas as to what I want to invest in next... I'm thinking about getting the Canon 85mm 1.8... Cause its supposed to be an amazing lens. It will probably be my Christmas gift this year from my wonderful hubby. I'm also looking at a few other camera accessories between now and Christmas. But we'll see on what comes between now and then. Right now my main focus is my mentor sessions and getting better with how I use my camera. I've had it for over a year now and I'm really looking forward to shooting in Manual all the time. No more auto settings for me. Now don't get me wrong I don't expect to be an amazing photographer anytime soon I just want to be able to capture good pictures of my family and friends. Well I've gotta take my doggy outside and get ready to make dinner. Tori D.



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