Self-portrait tips & ideas

  • If you have a tripod use it!
  • If you have a camera capable of using a wireless or wired remote, then invest in one (they're normally inexpensive).
  • Try many different angles.
  • Try full length, half length, head shots, etc.
  • If you have the ability to change lenses, use cool lenses like a fish eye lens, or a wide angle lens, or a Lensbaby lens (my next investment).
  • Bokeh kits
  • Rule of Thirds 
  • Try all different types of lighting (natural light from a window, different color or type of lighting)
  • Different locations or backgrounds
  • Different textures (clothes, background, hair, etc)
  • Props & accessories 
  • Use Continuous shooting/burst mode to get a series of photos with different facial expressions!
  •  Focus on your best feature (i.e. eyes, smile, dimples, etc)
  • Ladies use makeup to enhance your best features (if you are going for a dramatic eye makeup look then do a smokey eye, or bright colors, etc)
  • Shadows of yourself
  • Silhouettes of yourself
  • Show emotion
 These are just a few of the things I've been thinking of lately.
I'm looking into getting my hands on some Gel's & a background light so I can change the color of a gray or black background when I photograph myself or my children.

I'm also putting together a portable background setup in the very near future. I'm taking some portraits of an old family friend and her son, as well as her older sister's engagement photos! Plus my sister in-law asked me to take photos of her and her husband for their anniversary (of course I couldn't tell her no)!

I'm really looking forward to the spring weather and getting outside for some photos! I've got a lot of spring shoots to work on... :) Finally putting my camera and its new accessories to good use! Can't wait!!!!!

Of course I'll have some sneak peeks of what I come up with in April & May.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

-Tori D.



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