How to challenge yourself

I've thought about this a million times and have unsuccessfully tried these things.
I've got so many things going on everyday that I don't always have time to pull out my camera to take photos.

So here are some challenges that you all might be interested...

  • 50-50  challenge
    (Use your 50mm lens for 50 days)
  • 365 challenge
    (Take a photo every single day for one year)
  • A-Z Challenge
    (Use letters, actions, or shapes that correspond with the 26 letters of the Alphabet)
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
    (Have someone write a list of things to photography and set out to find them; great for kids)
These are just a few of the challenges I've seen out there that I thought someone else might be interested in trying!
I'm really hoping as time goes on I will have time to really dedicate my time to photography again, but with my little one arriving in mid to late June I don't see it happening right now.

Well I've got a few other things that I'd like to get done before I have to go back out to the bus stop this morning.
So have a wonderful day!




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