365 Photo Challenge...

I tried to start a 365 Personal Photo Challenge recently, but with all the happenings lately... I only had the opportunity to upload 1 photo! UGH! 
So I'm thinking about restarting my 365 Photo Challenge. 

Not only am I going to do the 365 Challenge, BUT I'm gonna try to write a blog with each photo (i.e. what my inspiration was for the photo, technical specs of the photo, and if I used anything specific in the photos).
The question is... 
How am I gonna come up with 365 different image ideas over the next year?
I really want to showcase my talents...
My goals are to... 
1) Take Better photos 
2) Explore and potentially master new editing skills
and 3) Be able to Give back to those who give this country their all

Because in the end... I want to be apart of OpLove
I may never experience my own homecoming or deployment with my husband. 
But there is always a chance my kids and I might experience it.
In the off chance that we don't... I want to be able to help others capture those precious moments!
Having been in and out of the photography business for the last 7 years, I want to be able to take my knowledge, skills and photography to the next level.

I just wish I had more people/children/families to photograph for my 365 photo challenge! 

Well I'm off to check out some new photography stuff...

Have a great day!
♥ Tori D.



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