The woman behind the camera...

So you're probably wondering..who I am...

Well I'm Tori D. (aka Tori Delancey Photography)!

I'm 26!

A mom of three!

A wife of one amazing United States Marine!

I'm a Marylander, but will be living in other states until my husband completes his career with the Marine Corps! Once he's done with his service, we will be heading back to Maryland to be with our families and friends!

 So this is a picture of me..

I'm a natural redhead (strawberry blonde if you will).

I'm obsessed with all things photography, makeup, fashion (although, I'm far from fashionable these days), crafting, and much more.

My current camera is a Canon Rebel T1i that my husband got me for my 26th birthday & Mother's Day (cause Mother's Day fell on the day before my birthday).

I'm currently rebuilding my in-home studio (in the spare bedroom of our 4 bedroom house). Next big purchase will be my lighting kit and a new lens (most likely a 50mm).

I own three beautiful, plain, but functional backdrops in White, Navy Blue, and Black!

I just purchased a new backdrop stand off of Ebay it will be here by the 8th of August! So excited!

I'm such a gadget geek that I can't wait to purchase a bunch of new toys for my camera (i.e. lighting trigger, shutter release cable, and a bunch of lenses for my baby).

If you're wondering what software I use for editing, I use Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, cause I dislike Photoshop's setup. Yes I have used photoshop, but Paint Shop Pro is so much better (in my opinion)!

I am a subscriber of Popular Photography Magazine and I love to sit down and read it from cover to cover as soon as I get it in the mail! I've even begun to collect them now (for future reference and inspiration)!

Well I hope this has given you a little insight on me, Tori D.

Have a great evening everyone!



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