Re-Branding in Progress

Re-Branding in Progress

Over the next few months, I'm working on re-branding my photography page/business. 
I will be changing the name of my business, and will probably only use this site for teaching photography to others. I want my photography and teaching to remain separate. 

I'm looking into a few products that allow me to create an online course that can be purchased at any time, that allows everyone to work at their own pace. Pricing will depend upon the cost of
the program used to teach the course. Everyone who purchases the online course will be invited into a Private Facebook Group, so they can ask questions and get critiques on their images. 

I am really looking forward to what the future holds with photography and teaching photography to others.

With the re-branding, I am also working on IPS (In-person Sales) and increasing my prices to reflect the quality of my artwork. 

From today forward, I'll be removing all the blogs on this page to make the necessary changes for my future success with teaching photography. 

-Tori D.



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