Practicing Freelensing & Macro

I know I hardly post on here anymore, I'm sorry. Life has been so hectic with sick kids, dentist appointments, pediatrician appointments, eye doctors visits, and much more. I'm really hoping to find more to blog about this Summer.

I've been researching and studying up on Macro photography and something called Freelensing.

A while back I purchased some accessories  that allow me to reverse mount my lens to my camera to make it a "macro" lens. My biggest issue with this is you have no auto focus, you have no control over the aperture (unless you press and hold the DOF button before turning the camera off; found on a Canon camera). While I haven't tried that trick yet, I will in the near future to make sure it works.

I will be purchasing a dedicated Macro lens before too long. I really want to be able to capture more details of my children, while they are still young. I just can't decide on which Macro lens I want.

I'm leaning more towards a Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro lens. It can be used for Macro and for portraits. So I'd still have some versatility with this lens. It's selling for $949 on Amazon right now. So hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be able to make a decision on which one I want. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping it either goes on sale or I can find another lens like it for the same price or better. I'm not against third party lenses like Sigma or Tamron, but I've only ever used Canon lenses, so that's why I'm torn.

I am going to work on building a "Ring Shot Kit" for Macro Photography. If I ever decide to photograph weddings, I'll have had lots of practice on my own ring(s) and other small items. I went to my local craft store and bought some 12"x12" scrapbook paper in varying colors and textures, along with a box that will hold everything I need to put in it.

I'm going to try freelensing with my current lenses and Reverse Macro with my lenses too.

I just have to find the right time and it has to be when my husband is home to keep an eye on our youngest two children. This will allow me the opportunity to not only take the photos, but edit and upload them to my blog and Facebook page. My Facebook page hardly gets updated anymore, so I figure the least I could do is update it with a 52 week project (starting May 1st).

I'll be practicing my Freelensing and Macro over the next few weeks, so I can write dedicated posts about Freelensing & Reverse Macro/Macro in either June or July.

Thanks for stopping by.

Please check back soon for the beginning of my 52 week project starting on May 1st.
I will post the photo in a weekly blog, explain settings, things used, etc.

Have a wonderful week,

-Tori D.



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