Using Details in Photography

The whole point in taking photos is to preserve a moment in time. It doesn't matter if you're going to post it online, hang it on your walls, put it in a photo album, or just keep it on an external hard drive (or two, just in case).

It's preserving a memory for you to be able to come back to later and reflect on.
For me, I'm going to be photographing all the little details of the newest addition to our family.
I'm going to be doing detail shots of her eyelashes, her fingers, toes, lips, ears, feet, etc. Why? Because this is my last baby. My husband and I have decided that we won't be having anymore, so I'm trying to preserve every last bit of the newborn moments in time, as I possibly can.

You can find details in other things to photograph (flowers, children, adults, cakes, birthday party decorations, the options are endless just use your imagination). 

Details are used to fill the gaps in the story you are trying to tell with just images.
Use the details to your advantage!
If you have any questions regarding using Details in Your Photography, please leave a comment below!
Thanks for reading!
Tori D.



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